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Welcome to icaintest, the Count/Earl Cain icon contest ('icontest'). Each week, a new theme will be posted, be it a word, a set of lyrics, an image, what have you. Members will then have a week to submit icons related to the theme, at the end of which icons will be voted on and awards (read:banners) given. Why? Because there are never enough Cain icons in the world! Honestly. So join us in our quest for eyes poison treasure great icons in weekly batches!

1] Only community members can sumbit icons and vote.
2] All icons must in be related to both the Count/Earl Cain series and the weekly theme they are submitted for.
3] Icons must be usable on LJ (100 x 100, 40kb or under).
4] You may enter up to two icons per challenge unless otherwise stated.
5] Showing your icon or telling people to vote for it before the current contest is over will result in disqualification.
6] Stealing icons that aren't by you and entering them into a contest will result in being banned from the community.
7] Icons should not be more than a week old. You may use an icon you've recently made and not shared with anyone if you feel it really fits the theme, but we would prefer if you made new icons for the challenges.
8] No voting for your own icons.
9] Do not use fanart unless it is your own.
10] You absolutely MUST host your icon at an appropriate server, such as Photobucket or Imageshack. You may not use LJ or another journal user picture space, as people can see those.

Themes will be posted on Sunday. Members will have until the following Sunday to submit their icons in the following format:

(Please check to make sure the url works!)

Icons will be accepted from the time they are posted on Sunday until 22.30EST (that's 10.30pm, EST) on the following Sunday, when a new theme will be posted. Voting will be posted on Monday, and will take place through Wednsday. Winners will be posted on Friday.

Week Eight - Evil-Doers - cymeteria
Week Nine - Lambs, Rams, and Sheeps - coco_kun
Week Ten - Medley - cymeteria
Week Eleven - Poison - ousni
Week Twelve - Merryweather - sweetpasta
Week Thirteen - Superhero - coco_kun
Week Fourteen - Red - ousni
Week Fifteen - This Boy - In progress

see all winners here

- semchance;; your local Cain fanatic and founding mod
- nathaara;; your local good icon maker and co-mod
- coco_kun;; your new local banner-maker

Community Links:
- Co-Mod Application
- Suggest a Theme
- Promotion Banners: large 1, large 2, small 1, small 2

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- icon_tutorial;; icon tutorials
- icon_extras;; resources and other helpful things

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- Count Cain Fanlisting;; featuring a great links page and useful information on the series

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