Property of Vicious (semchance) wrote in icaintest,
Property of Vicious

Week 16 - Brothers

Yes, I've headwalled repeatedly fighting with my computer for an internet connection in the middle of nowhere, and here I am, only a day late with a theme for you! Now, since we still only have one submission to last week's theme, we'll be allowing submissions to that theme until Tuesday night. So be creative on that note still! And, for next Sunday, a brand new theme to contemplate!


Cain and Able Jezebel, Cain and Riff, and (in a way) Cain and Merry. However you best see brotherhood portrayed in the Cain saga, make an icon representing at least one person being a brother to another.

Please remember the rules when submitting:
+ meet LJ standards 100x100 / 40K or less
+ you can submit TWO icons to this challenge
+ do not use fanart unless it is your own
+ you absolutely MUST host your icon at an appropriate server, such as Photobucket or Imageshack. you may not use LJ or another journal user picture space, as people can see those.
+ submit the image and the URL to this screened post by Sunday, September 3rd at 10.30pm EST. that means this format:

Happy icon making!
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