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Week 14--Red

I'm giving you guys an easy theme this week because we mods have both been totally out of it this summer, and participation has gone down since we haven't been on top of things. I'm so sorry we haven't been more attentive! So, to try to make it up to you guys and maybe get some more people to post, your theme is really easy!


Your icon must focus on something red. It can be entirely red, mostly red, say "red" on it, anything relating to red.

Please remember the rules when submitting:
+ meet LJ standards 100x100 / 40K or less
+ you can submit TWO icons to this challenge
+ do not use fanart unless it is your own
+ you absolutely MUST host your icon at an appropriate server, such as Photobucket or Imageshack. you may not use LJ or another journal user picture space, as people can see those.
+ submit the image and the URL to this screened post by Sunday, August 20th at 10.30pm EST. that means this format:


Again, I'm sorry we've been having problems recently! I hope you guys will forgive us and submit some nice icons this week.
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