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the Cain icontest
Week 13: Superhero 
23rd-Jul-2006 11:29 pm
Another week, another modly falling-apart-of-doom. Between work and having to run across the country to see aged people, I haven't had a good chance to take care of things here. Let me be forgiven anyway? New theme!


Icons you wouldn't think had anything to do with Cain! This weeks icons must contain a reference to superheroes. It can be a reference ("bird, plane, Superman!") to something established, or just the idea as presented in the manga (Riff as superhuman, Jezebel as the ultimate nemesis). Think you can handle that?

Please remember the rules when submitting:
+ meet LJ standards 100x100 / 40K or less
+ you can submit TWO icons to this challenge
+ do not use fanart unless it is your own
+ you absolutely MUST host your icon at an appropriate server, such as Photobucket or Imageshack. you may not use LJ or another journal user picture space, as people can see those.
+ submit the image and the URL to this screened post by Sunday, August 6th at 10.30pm EST. that means this format:


So this week will actually be two weeks long. On purpose! Happy icon making!
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